A smarter way to teach vocabulary

With Propagate, you can start assigning and teaching new words in whatever your students are reading digitally. No more vocabulary workbooks. No more bulky dictionaries. Propagate helps you teach new words the way they’re learned best: through repeated exposures in personally meaningful contexts.

For all subjects and grade levels

Whatever you’re teaching, Propagate works.

Whether you’re teaching middle school history, high school English, or college biology, Propagate was designed for you! You don't need to be teaching Shakespeare or assigning Salinger to use Propagate. Propagate provides personalized word learning opportunities based on your own curricular needs and your students’ word learning mastery.

Try any subject with Propagate!

Propagate Class Page

Create classes and assignments

Organize and manage the words you're teaching.

Create classes. Assign word lists, quizzes, and practice activities. Use any one of the vocabulary lists we've made for a range of subjects, grade-levels, standardized tests, or even State and Common Core Standards. Or easily create your own lists.

Monitor student progress with analytics

Pinpoint where students are succeding and where they need help.

See your students’ progress as soon as they start reading and practicing with Propagate. Identify where you can provide additional support in the classroom by seeing the words and phrases they're mastering and those they're still struggling with.


See students' strengths and

opportunities for growth.


More time for you.

More smiles from everyone.

Focus on teaching and classroom management

Let us handle real-time vocabulary support.

As educators, we understand that you're pressed for time in the classroom. And we also know that word learning is a vital component for your students' acheivement in the classroom and beyond. Use Propagate to save time and do more of what you do best.

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