Your Solution to Common Core Vocabulary

Research-based, differentiated vocabulary instruction that aligns perfectly with the Common Core State Standards.

With Propagate, it's easy to align vocabulary lessons to the Common Core.

One of the major instructional shifts in the Common Core State Standards is the renewed focus on general academic vocabulary across disciplines.

At Propagate, we've developed a cross-contextual vocabulary platform that aligns perfectly with the Common Core English Language Arts and Literacy Standards. Teachers can easily embed vocabulary instruction into any text students are reading online. The best part? Propagate supports word learning both in the classroom and at home so students can reinforce their vocabulary knowledge with any text they're reading online.

Finally. Word Learning that Works.

Propagate provides just-in-time support for understanding the meaning of unfamiliar words, delivers on-demand definitions, and displays the sentences in which students have already seen the words to facilitate the kinds of conceptual connections that research shows hold the key to word learning and reading comprehension.

How Propagate Helps You Meet Common Core Goals:

  • Provides personalized vocabulary support in digital reading
  • Supports the development of word learning across all disciplines
  • Enagages students in a closer reading of the text
  • Offers ways to differentiate instruction for students of all reading levels
  • Motivates students to learn new words in contexts that are personally meaningful to them
  • Provides Common Core aligned word lists that contain words which:
    • - are vital to comprehension of academic text
    • - appear across disciplines and subject areas
    • - help students express their academic understanding
    • - are essential for participation in academic discussions and writing

"Vocabulary is the tip of the iceberg: Words reflect concepts and content that students need to know... This whole common core will fall on its face if kids are not getting the kind of instruction it will require."

- Susan B. Neuman -

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