Why Propagate?

Propagate allows teachers to embed vocabulary instruction directly into anything a student is reading digitally - whether at home or for school! Hundreds of students tell us they prefer learning new vocabulary through Propagate.

Teacher Support

Implementing vocabulary instruction for your classroom is a challenge, but Propagate is designed to make vocabulary learning easier for teachers and more effective for students. We have word lists for all tiers, all domains, and all grade levels!

Rooted In Research

Founded by graduates of Harvard Graduate School of Education, Propagate is built on key principles from leading literacy and cognitive science studies: contextual learning and customized practice lead to great results.

Real-World Application

Outside of class, students learn words in sources that are interesting and relevant to them: what they're reading anyways. Propagate works on any text online, allowing for endless contextual vocabulary learning and teaching opportunities!

How It Works

Propagate’s adaptive technology uses the power of context to help your students master new vocabulary while they read. Here's how:

Step 1 - Install the Plugin

Add the Propagate extension to your web browser.

We'll create a class access code for you to send to your students so they can install the Propagate extension too!

Propagate Browser Plugin
Propagate Word Lists

Step 2 - Set Your Class Goals

Tell us what kinds of words you’d like to teach.

Propagate will automatically highlight words in any digital reading and start keeping track of how they’re used in different contexts.

Don't know where to start? We have Common Core aligned lists for all grade levels, all subjects, all standardized tests, and all tiers!

Step 3 - Let Propagate Start Teaching

Students can click on target words to see their definitions and where they've seen the words before.

They can also add any other word they want help with. And remove words they've mastered. All without leaving the page.

Using Propagate in Browser
Propagate Matching Quiz

Step 4 - Practice Makes Perfect

Log in to your dashboard to review your class goals.

Assign customized practice games and quizzes with contextual examples from your readings. Watch student progress grow!


We're currently in closed beta testing, but sign up now to be the first to get early access to Propagate.